Month: June 2017

Joshua James 6.10.17

A long time ago I heard this song on Spotify from Joshua James. The singer’s voice was like nothing I had ever heard before. I was transfixed. I scoped out his other music and I was swept up in a tide of emotions. From heartache to politics to pure joy and sadness. Joshua James had taken me on a wild journey of the human spirit. Part folk, part, country, part rock, part Americana. His music, to me, has no definition. It just exists. Like most Indie artists, he had very little live content. Most of it done by fans like me holding up their cell phones at shows. He had made a few music videos, but the live performances were not easy to find. A couple stand out ones were there for sure.. the Indie music scene has amazingly dedicated video blogs dedicated to musicians. Most of them shot in halls and living rooms. They provide a private, intimate space for the artists to showcase their talent.

All those years ago, I said to myself “someday it’d be amazing to work with this guy”. I kept listening and buying every album that came out. Then, last week, that little dream I had came true. I found myself at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles setting up to shoot Joshua James live. This clip, I think, is my favorite of the event. It showcases his amazing lyrics, his soul enriching voice and the talent of his guitarist Evan. Go to our Vimeo Page to get a dose of all these performances. And of course, if you and your band are looking for quality live shooting, keep us in mind. I am a HUGE fan of live music, so working shows is always a treat 🙂



Losin Mi Mente | Joshua James live in Los Angeles from Fin Film Company on Vimeo.