It’s LIVE!! 

When Facebook introduced it’s live platform video changed dramatically. Immediately everyone in the world had a personal broadcast platform in the palm of their hand. For us video folks, it was revolutionary. As the live format continues to be refined, pricing has done nothing but go down. Certainly, if you are the WSL or some major event, a $50-100k live stream budget seems logical. Let’s be honest, camera cranes, wireless drones, camera operators and boats are all expensive. Plus in this scale of production, you need a director, an on line editor, hosts, audio unit .. the list goes on. 

When we got into Live Production, my first thought was the race director who wanted to show their event live but without the price tag of a major production. It seemed illogical to me, that you either had to do it all from a mobile device or pay out tens of thousands and rent a satellite truck. After years of research and hands on experience doing streams. We have built the ultimate solution for the every day event who wants to go “Live”. 

Utilizing professional level platforms, we offer events a chance to not only show their race live, but also monetize their content. Our platform features:

  • HD streams up to 4k
  • Scalable from mobile phones to full production cameras with onboard decoders
  • Scalable from one operator up to 20 inputs
  • Entirely cloud based, the whole system can be managed from any internet connection
  • Ability to upload pre-produced content- commercials, profiles, sponsored pieces, anything you want to insert into the live streams
  • Auto Detection of the streams means that your broadcast never goes down. If the operators stop streaming, the system will start rolling the pre-populated content. You never loose viewership. 
  • Completely 4G dependent connections means no costly satellite trucks! 
  • Flexible enough to utilize volunteers with mobile devices in conjunction with pro level teams
  • Professional graphics and overlays (requires director/operator)

CONTACT US to get started on your event Live Stream. ALL packages include an actual video edit from Fin Film Company. Event Video/Live Stream combos start at just $2600