During the course of becoming a film maker, I fell into shooting SUP and Paddleboard events. This happenstance has since become the center piece of my work. From the very first events I shot in 2009, I found myself wanting to do more then just shoot a music video for clients. I wanted to create stories and relate what these events are, who is in them and why people choose to do them. 

A Fin Film Company event video is like none other. Certainly it is about giving off good vibes and showing great footage, but its about giving people a sense of soul and presence in the video. We love shakas and high fives, but we also love heart and determination. The mix of these two are what makes our method of storytelling unique. 

Our Event Client List Includes: Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, The Jay Race, The Catalina Classic, Carolina Cup (years 1 – 3) , Florida Cup and many many other races around the world


CONTACT US TO GET STARTED. People expect video to be out of their event budgets. It’s not. Even with travel we are willing to work with races who want our help with telling their story