I got my start shooting weddings back in 2007. This type of work is really close to my heart. It’s so special to be a part of your big day and even more so to be honored with the task of documenting it for you. 

Weddings are filled with emotion and what better firm them ours whose whole brand is built on creating emotionally impactful videos. My goal with our wedding business is to make your “purchase” of a wedding videographer as simple as possible. When I got married, if course I wanted to hire a video firm. I searched high and low, and was disappointed by what I found. 

Most had packages that included many services we did not need.  I was frustrated that firms were trying to wedge their packages into my needs, instead of listening to my needs and building an offering. Thus, our approach is decidedly different. 

When we meet, you will be presented with a “menu” of services. You can pick and choose what ever it is you want. Thus, you can opt just to get the ceremony shot for a couple hundred dollars or get the entire day shot with full editorial. It’s up to you, your budget and your needs. We are not here to sell you anything. Just make sure you get exactly what you need.