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We produce event videos, provide live stream services, create emotionally captivating branded content and tell your story with cinematic, movie style story telling for weddings and events. 






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Panasonic Pro Video’s Profile on Chris Aguilar

My name is Chris Aguilar, and I want to tell your story. Whether your event is something like the Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships or a neighborhood event, I want to tell it’s story. For the past decade, I have been lucky to dedicate myself to telling compelling stories in the paddle sports community. This has included traveling with some of the top teams in paddling to follow them and produce event videos, on site editorials for facebook, instagram and other social platforms and making full length films. I have been so lucky to win a couple awards for full length niche sports production, as well as for my web video content. I love making films, but really thrive in crafting short form content that capture the emotion of the moment and the individuals.

For couples looking for weddings, I only take a couple per year because the paddle season cranks up in the summer months — when most are getting married. I offer production for weddings in the “off season” when I am more available. My wedding work is my foundation of how I got started in video, and lets be honest – I am a romantic at heart and love weddings! 

While some will upcharge for 4K Production, all I use is 4K equipment from Panasonic. In fact, our cameras from them are so high quality, we could technically be shooting for Netflix ! We use the same gear you see in big shows like Ozark and Stranger Things. I have been fortunate to be working with Panasonic as a test pilot for cameras and speak at trade shows and events with their team. In addition, all our clients get online archiving of their footage so we can pull it and share at any time through our partnership with Backblaze B2 and Iconik (who provides our cloud based digital management content solution). Whether its your brand’s team that needs some coverage, your personal project, or wedding. I am here to help and tell your story