Month: August 2018

Catalina 2018 Video Tip Jar

Through the logistical support of Bark and The Easy Reader, I get to go to Catalina to shoot the prestigious “Classic”. I have always been grateful and fortunate to get a lot of support for this shoot. It is only through Joe and the BARK crew that I get to be on the course every year. There are no huge sponsors, no backers to this production. This year , unfortunately, one customer who will usually contribute and purchase assets has backed out. I have always avoided going to the community for anything. In my opinion you have all given so much back to me. I am just the lucky guy who knows how to use a camera. Plus, there are so many other causes out there more noteworthy then “Help Me Make a Video”. I would never want to “take” donations from an actual CAUSE. It never feels good. But let’s face facts, an edit for this race takes about 20-30 hours. I spend a full day shooting. There is overhead in the gear, the boat, the driver and time. 

So instead of some giant Go Fund Me Page with a crazy goal. I am simply asking, if you like the work, leave a tip. It can be a buck, ten bucks, twenty.. whatever. If you do, I will have your email and will work to find you out on the course and get a shot of you in the race and send you a copy. That’s the best “thank you” I can leave you.