I got my start shooting weddings back in 2007. This type of work is really close to my heart. It’s so special to be a part of your big day and even more so to be honored with the task of documenting it for you. 


As I say all the time “who does not love love?”

There are dozens, forget that.. HUNDREDS of wedding video guys out there. It’s my goal with Fin Film Weddings to do the following for your big day:

  • We shoot using cinematic quality (I am talking our gear is cleared by Netflix for production) 4K (our main camera has a 5K , 35mm sensor) resolution. 
  • We don’t upsell you to shoot in 4K. It’s standard. Why on earth other firms charge you extra to give you their best is beyond me. That was one thing that shocked me when I was shopping for a video firm to shoot my own wedding. So when offering our services, I made a decision. I will always give you our best gear at the best, highest quality possible
  • We run not one, not two, not three.. but up to four different audio sources on wedding day. Things go wrong. And after years of experience, our teams are trained to be ready for just about anything. We won’t miss one word of your big day. 
  • Give you actual time frames and due dates when the videos you order will be done. 
  • Store all of your files in the cloud for up to 5 years at no charge
  • Take into consideration all aspects of your day – special touches, guests, moments. We find the details that make it meaningful
  • Treat your day as a documentary, we won’t direct you, take charge or get in the way of your photographer(s). 
  • Coordinate with your wedding coordinator. As well as offer you tons of advice (if you need it) on anything having to do with your wedding. We’ve been at this for a long time and having been married myself.. we have a lot to offer. 
  • The team involved with your wedding will always be made of up folks that have over 10 years of experience shooting weddings. They think fast on their feet, are professional film makers and are vetted for their ability to use a camera
  • Chris Aguilar (me) will always be at the helm of our editorial. I don’t outsource our edits nor follow a template. We are not a one size fits all, everything is the same kind of wedding video factory. Your edit is as personal as your love story. 


I am not shy about our pricing, but I also wanted our packages to be affordable to most couples. I also travel and do destination work (Let me be clear.. I LOVE to travel and do destination work). The same prices below apply to those with some additional fees for travel, etc.. 

One camera, ceremony only (up to one hour coverage). 

All the Below Assume Six (6) Hours of Coverage. Which is usually just about enough for a wedding. Some run longer and you can purchase additional time per the rates below. All of these packages also include 1 highlight video for upload to facebook or youtube using cleared music. Full feature videos require us to do a lot more editorial and that is also costed out below for you. 

ONE CAMERA COVERAGE – One camera with a human controlling and another camera on a tripod set as a wide shot for all events in the day.  – $1200 

TWO CAMERA COVERAGE – Two manned cameras for six hours handling everything in your day! – $1700 

Additional options:

Full Feature Edit: $500

Additional Hour(s): 

One Camera each additional hour: $100 /hr
Two Cameras each additional hour: $150
Drone footage: $500 
Super 8 inclusion: $500 per 30 minutes of footage shot (adds a really neat texture to your video. Shot on vintage cinema style super 8 cameras)

We also do engagement/love story sessions – these usually take a couple hours to shoot in one location: $1000 
This is a specialized 15 minute video where each of you talk about meeting each other, what the wedding means and other meaningful parts of your story. Makes a great addition to your reception or wedding website.