What’s Coming for 2015

Adding to my FAQ’s , I think I should add “what the heck are you up to?” and well, it’s a lot – so thought “ok, time to let people in…”

Chris’s Picks – This was a compilation I made for the Carolina Cup last year and I was thrilled to present a film of my favorite videos from the last 8 years of covering stand up and prone paddling. It was tons of fun, so much so, that I have been quietly re-editing it to tighten up the edit and release to Vimeo. Because of complications with people being on different brands and athletes not wanting a commercial project out there with them on different sponsors and the huge expense of licensing music, I figured I will just put it on Vimeo and beg you all to donate pennies to the tip jar. I will donate half of all tips to Athletes 4 Cancer. Look for this by the end of Jan

Calico Syndicate – also by end of Januaray, look for the 2nd full length feature from Fin Films to come out. Our fly fishing opus, The Calico Syndicate that tells the story of 5 salt water fly fisherman who have been pushing the boundaries of fly fishing along the California coast. Sound edits are happening now with (we hope) a release by month’s end. I don’t have full control of the distribution, the executive producers have been moving along slowly on that end. My hope is that we will have a DVD pressed soon and a digital download available via Vimeo or some other outlet.

Molo ’14- I am SO proud to announce that I will once again be rejoining forces with my talented Brother, Steve Aguilar, to produce the Molokai 14 race web series. This is by far one of the strongest sets of Molokai footage I have ever worked with thanks to Ocean Paddler Television and our continued partnership. Look for this series to start showing itself in March of this year

The 2014 Reel – The reel has become a short film and I am close to finishing a look back at my year with Quickblade, Bark and Surftech as well as the events I have been lucky to shoot for. Should have this one wrapped up by next week. Stoked to share this one with you.

Legacy- This is the prone film. It is in VERY early development, but I hope we can start actual shooting in March 2015 and shoot it all year along with a potential release in 2016 – maybe in late 2015 if things go well. Look for a kickstart and other things to bring this out to the public.

Ok that’s it….not a lot going on :)



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