It’s all in the Music, Pt 2


Awhile back I wrote on this blog about how in my editorial process, I first locate music. Sometimes the music is even playing while I am shooting in my trusty ipod. Although the tracks may not be the EXACT thing I end up using, I still can locate themes relating to the tracks in the many libraries of music that I have on file.

Especially during the logging process, I listen to a HUGE library of different instrumentals and original scores from different movies and even video game sources. The biggest pool of these are actually located in my favorite little corner of the web – Spotify. Here you can find dozens of playlists dedicated to different genres. And for me, I have created a Soundtrack Picks playlist. If you want to get inspired to make a masterpiece – make a playlist to listen to as you trim and work on footage. From there I always find inspiration for the actual edit.

Here is my playlist for sound tracks and I will keep adding to this as times goes on…so check it out and subscribe to get updates as I find new music to get inspired with..


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