I am leaving you 7D I am really sorry…



The 7D was purchased in 2010. For the past four years, we have been in every body of water in Hawaii, shot two award winning films, countless web videos and shot some pretty amazing stills.

But now, I think it’s over. Last year, I got the Panasonic Gh3. It is lighter small, has a weather resistant body and shoots 1080/60p. But I could never really get it dialed and I kept going back to the 7D. At the 2013 Molokai, I just never felt good using the camera. All of the footage was under exposed, the follow focus did not seem to track really well and I eventually put it away and went back to the 7D because I know that camera how it behaves and what to expect from it.

This year, I promised to give the Panasonic another shot. And really that camera shone in 2013 as an interview camera. It just LOOKED amazing with it’s 14mm lens and for what ever reason, Panasonic cameras just have a “vibe” to them. The Canon to me always had troubles with excess luma and sometimes a washed out image in certain light. The Panasonic on the other hand always kept itself more on the darker side, and even in neutral setting has wonderful contrast.

Then I shot in the channel and after looking at the footage, I think the Panasonic has the best video image. I used the 7D with a 100-300mm USM Zoom and the Panasonic on their mid grade 45-200MM zoom. The images in the 7D look extremely bright – like too bright and I can see and feel excess luma in the image. But the Panasonic on the other hand handled the glare off the water and was able to render a very true to life image. In addition, I just feel like the Panasonic image is just more “real” and looks more cinematic then the 7D. I ran the 7D in 720/60p to match my working time lines. Maybe in 24p it would have rendered a less bright image and it would have been better. But I don’t think so. Right now, I am pretty much in love with how the Panasonic image looks.

GH3 Action Shot

Now, I want to save my pennies and move up to the GH4 and have a full Panasonic fleet to chose from. Noted, I once had their HMC150 and that was my goto camera for years. I loved it’s 24p look, but hated the feeling of it’s plastic body and felt it’s image was always a little flat when compared to the 7D. But now, with this series, I am back to panasonic.

See if you can tell which images are panasonic and which are 7D in this edit from the Molokai 2014

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