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Hi Everyone – this is Chris Aguilar, the producer and well…everything behind Fin Film Company. I started out under the name Soul Surf Media several years ago since I was working with a lot of surfing clients back then…but then came paddling and as I got more into it – I began shooting more and more of it. Now, it seems, all I do are paddle sports shoots – but trust me, I miss the surf stuff!

Paddling is a great sport filled with great people. Through this sport I have been able to meet and work with some of my heros like Gerry Lopez and Laird Hamilton. Fin Film Company does most (not all) of the creative for Quickblade Paddles and Bark Paddleboards. Trust me, I know I am lucky to be working with two of the best companies in paddle sports and both families have been tremendously supportive of my work. I am grateful to them for their belief in the work I get to do.

The purpose of this blog is to answer the re-occurring questions I get in my email…especially as it relates to gear, techniques, strategies, marketing, career advice (I get this one a lot), and other topics that people tend to ask about. When I started out , no one was giving away free advice. Seemed like you always had to know someone to know someone with answers. Even dumb things like frame rates and such – I want to be here to be a resource for anyone interested in video or production. If you do come up with a question you want to ask – tweet it or email me

Twitter: @finfilmcompany

email: chris@finfilmcompany.com


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